Addiction Placement Services

Addiction Placement Services is a team of recovery specialists that have developed unique relationships with detox and addiction treatment facilities across the country.

We offer a variety of programs and approaches tailored to the needs of the individuals that we assist regardless of insurance status.

There are thousands of addiction treatment facilities to choose from and deciding which is best can be overwhelming. We streamline the placement process so healing from addiction can begin today.

Contact our team at 1-866-535-8826 for a no cost and confidential addiction assessment.







For Loved Ones and Friends


















Here at Addiction Placement Services we understand how hard it is to watch a loved one or friend struggle with substance abuse.  While watching the repeated self-destructive behavior displayed by most addicts and alcoholics, it is hard for the non-addicted person to imagine why anyone would endure and inflict such pain and suffering on themselves. The fact is that addiction is a serious illness and once addicted, or alcoholic has no more control over his illness then a cancer or heart disease patient. However, the addict and alcoholic do have control over the treatment of their disease and in most cases can recover if they are willing to follow a program of recovery.

That is why most of the treatment centers that we choose to work with also offer programs that have been designed to include loved ones, family members and friends. The success of recovery can be more effective with the help and support of family and friends. Not only does this increase the chances for long term recovery, but it also enhances the quality of your relationships with the person struggling with addiction. These sessions can provide you with an opportunity to learn positive communication skills and address continuing issues and concerns with the guidance of a professional mediator. If you have a friend or loved one that needs detox or addiction treatment, contact our addiction team at 866-535-8826 to discuss available treatment options.

We value and understand the importance of working positively with family members and friends. Upon completion of these programs, clients, their partners, family members and friends will not only have a foundation to rebuild their relationships with each other, heal past wounds, and create new beginnings; they will have valuable tools that can help keep both the addict and the family on track for long term healthy sober relationships. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs encompasses so much more than just treating the physical aspect of the disease of addiction.
Helping a friend towards their goal of recovery is something to be proud of and will only strengthen a relationship that may otherwise be lost. Help your loved one and contact Addiction Placement Services at 866-535-8826 to get the journey of recovery started.


  • We are a no-cost, full service, addiction treatment placement service.
  • Our goal is to simplify the treatment placement process for those struggling with addiction to get the help they need and deserve to stop suffering.
  • No Cost, confidential addiction assessment over the phone.
  • Insurance benefits verification.
  • Obtain insurance coverage if needed.
  • Executive, Christian and Luxury treatment facilities available.
  • Help you select a treatment option that best suits your individual needs.

Treatment Programs:

Primary Treatment facilities across the country and the beaches and mountains of Southern California.


Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Available for local clients or clients who would like to maintain their current residency while attending treatment


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Special treatment programs dedicated to clients with dual disorders, including: Anxiety, depression, bipolar and more.

Why US




Why Addiction Placement Services

What sets us apart from most treatment referral providers is our no cost, treatment assessment that is conducted with you right over the phone. This allows our experienced addiction team the opportunity to get to know you and understand what your needs are.
Once we know a little about your addiction and specific needs, we can make the appropriate recommendations to the facility that will provide you the best care. It doesn’t matter whether you want to stay local or go across the country for treatment.

Addiction Placement Services has unique relationships with detox and treatment centers that can accommodate your needs.







Affordable Solution

We work with many different detox and treatment centers located as close as your home town, and as far as across the country. Each facility has its own unique strength.

Most facilities accept health insurance and many provide scholarship funds for those who cannot afford to pay the full amount for their treatment. If you do not have health insurance, we can help you get coverage.









Most of the treatment centers that we work with accept health insurance plans.

We can also assist you in obtaining health insurance if required.

When you call, we will take your insurance information and provide verification of your benefits.










































Smooth Admission Process

When you call Addiction Placement Services we will go through our quick and easy addiction assessment. This provides us with the information that we need to find the program that will work best for you. Upon making your decision to proceed, we will take care of all the admission arrangements for you. All you will need to do is arrive at the treatment center you've selected to start you new life.









Alumni Support

Addiction Placement Services has helped hundreds of people just like you to regain manageability of their lives. Several of our addiction team members are graduates of the treatment centers that we work with. We respect confidentiality in everything we do, but we will be happy to discuss our alumni support network and programs when you call.

We understand that when you call and ask for help, you need answers now. We are here 24 hours, 7 days per week and ready to help. Contact our addiction team at 866.535.8826 to get your recovery started.


We understand that when you call and ask for help , you need answers now .We are here 24 hours , 7 days per week and ready to help .

Contact our addiction team at 866.535.8826 to get your recovery started .





You can attach your insurance card, ID or anything that will help us verify your information.


    Addiction Placement

    Addiction Placement



    Addiction Placement



    Addiction Placement

Addiction Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Bakersfield CA

Addiction Treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment encompasses a combination of psychological therapies, substance awareness education, and medically directed detox. While in treatment you can expect to meet with an addiction therapist regularly, learn how diet and exercise can help strengthen you emotionally and physically, emotional regulation, how to attain a positive attitude, life skills, relapse prevention, and more.  Many treatment facilities incorporate holistic therapies such as acupuncture, yoga, massage, equine therapy and beach therapy.   Treatment programs typically range from 30, 60 and 90 days, longer if necessary ~ that depends on you.

Through the treatment process, you will learn the necessary skills to successfully manage your addiction and take back control of your life. Addiction Placement Services, at no cost to you, is here to be sure you are given the opportunity to start your recovery journey successfully. You can live a life of recovery and it all starts with one call to Addiction Placement Services at 866.535.8826.

Life Changing Addiction Recovery Start Here

The first, and most important step, is to admit you have an addiction and seek help. If you are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, deciding how to get the treatment you need and deserve can be overwhelming. There are several types of treatment models and treatment facilities available. That’s why Addiction Placement Services is here. Our objective is to make taking the first step to recovery as easy for you as possible. One call to Addiction Placement Services at 866.535.8826 and your journey to recovery can begin. There’s more good news, our services are at no cost to you (free)!


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Treatment Facilities

Searching for treatment facilities can be frustrating and overwhelming. Perform an online search and you will find a list that can take days if not weeks to sort through spending valuable time trying to find one that meets your individual needs.
One call to Addiction Placement Services and we will do the work for you.  We have a unique relationship with treatment centers across the country as well as Southern California that include the mountains of Lake Arrowhead and the beaches of north and south Orange County.  We will guide you every step of the way through the process of finding the appropriate treatment facility that best meets your needs. No cost. No stress. Just help.

 Contact Addiction Placement Services at 866-535-8826 to start your journey to recovery.

oie_LfDDff1WKBSPWe work with treatment centers that exclusively offer:


Dual Diagnosis   Dual diagnosis refers to those struggling with an existing psychological disorder such as depression or anxiety.  This is common with those that also struggling with addiction.  Clients struggling with these other conditions need a dual diagnosis treatment center to treat both the cause and effect for true healing to begin.

Gender Specific or Traditional Co-Ed

Male Only While many men find the presence of women to be a soothing force, others are simply distracted and unable to focus completely when they’re around women.  For this reason we have options for both co-ed and gender specific treatment centers.

Female Only  Women often have a strong preference whether they want a female only or a co-ed facility.  For these women, we have the option of either.  It’s important to feel comfortable and safe during treatment and this can often make a major difference.

12 Step Rehab Centers – 12 step recovery programs have worked for countless clients over the years and many rehab centers focus strongly on this.  It’s a design for living and we can certainly help you find the right 12 step rehab center if this sounds like a program that may work for you.

Non-12 Step Rehab Centers – While 12 step recovery options have worked very well for many, they’re not for everyone.  Others thrive in a rehab environment without the structure that 12 step programs provide.  For this type of individual a non 12 step rehab center may work better.

Does Insurance Pay For Treatment?

The expense of treatment can be overwhelming.  Cost can be a major concern when looking for help to overcome your addiction.  The good news is most treatment facilities do accept insurance.  If you don’t have insurance we can help you obtain coverage.  It is our goal to take the pressure off you by creating a seamless transition from the time you first call to when you receive treatment. Our no cost assistance is confidential, professional, and conducted by experienced staff whose goal it is to help you obtain recovery.

If you, or your loved one, have an insurance policy, please go to the Insurance Verification page so that we can verify your benefits and give you a list of options to begin the process of finding treatment that will accept your insurance.

Our service to you doesn’t stop with the financial aspect of treatment.  We are a full-service addiction placement provider dedicated to helping you find the right treatment facility for your specific needs. We guide you through every step of the process so you can begin your journey to recovery as soon as possible. Our objective is to make taking the first step to recovery as easy for you as possible. One call to Addiction Placement Services at 866.535.8826 and your journey can begin.  There’s more good news, our services are at no cost to you (free)!

Private Self-Pay Options

Supporting your habit is not free; and private self-pay is your only option in that scenario. So you borrow from friends and family under false pretenses, spend most of your salary on your habit, drain your bank accounts, or participate in dangerous and illegal activities to fund your addiction. Not to mention the cost of hospital bills associated with addiction. These costs and consequences will greatly surpass what your treatment costs will be.

Even without the benefit of health insurance you do have options and opportunities to transform your life. Private self-pay affordable treatment is available and we guide you through every step of the process so you can begin your journey to recovery as soon as possible. Many of the treatment facilities we partner with offer various financing options and you might be surprised to find the cost of treatment more affordable than you think.

One call to Addiction Placement Services at 866.535.8826 and your journey can begin.  There’s more good news, the services we provide are at no cost to you!




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